Gift Box: 3 Flavour Caddy: Raw, Ginger, Cinnamon Honey


What’s Inside the Box?
– Raw Jungle Honey 150gm
– Ginger Honey 150gm
– Cinnamon Honey 150gm
– Eco-Friendly Wooden Honey Dipper

Pour Naturalé brings you the best of natural goodness you could present your loved ones. Healthy, 100% natural honey. Minimally processed, our honey comes to you the closest to how Nature made it, how it is meant to be. With an assorted array of flavours to enhance the goodness of Honey, there is no better way to wish your dearest ones.

This is a prized collection of 3 of our favourite flavours of honey. The most natural honey processed with no preservatives, with minimal processing to add the healthy spices.

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