About us

About Pour Naturalé

Pour Naturalé is a Natural Products Brand from the House of Laavin Naturals.

At Pour Naturalé, we constantly work towards bringing to the market, an innovative, natural & healthy product that suits the consumer’s needs and drives the overall consumer well-being thus, making a positive impact in their lives.

The pandemic and changes around us in the world have shown us that we need to step back and go towards a more natural way of consumption if we want to restore the balance in our lives and on our planet. Pour Naturalé intends to be a small cog in the wheel which sets this change in motion to drive a healthier lifestyle and build a habit of conscious consumption.

Meet the Team

Manish Adlakha

Throughout my life, I have always been drawn to nature and the outdoors. Having lived in and around mountains and very close to nature over the last few years, I slowly and gradually found myself abreast of the healing powers of nature and the super qualities found in clean pure products from our forests, mountains and farms.

It felt like a natural extension of my experiences when I stumbled upon the idea to start a brand that will bring the best of nature, into our consumers’ homes.

We at Pour Naturalé, make a conscious effort that each product is sent to consumers in the purest possible way with minimal processing. Predominantly derived from Nature, our products will leave a positive impact on your body and your lifestyle.

Srinivas Badekila

I hail from the Western Ghats in Karnataka. Summer holidays in my childhood were spent in our village nestled amidst evergreen rainforests. Clean air, flowing water and healthy food freshly plucked off our plantations characterized my formative years.

Having spent a few years chasing my dreams in Mumbai, Singapore, NYC and many other places, having worked up through the finest education and career; having helped large MNCs optimize their supply chain and operations and having turned around a sinking start-up, I learnt finest lessons, the Business Consulting and Start-up could teach. It took me a pandemic to realize the abuse my body bore silently in this race to the top. My turn to a healthier lifestyle has its seeds here.


Together we make it better!

Research has found that minimally processed food is better for you and the larger community around you including the environment and consuming natural food contributes positively to the health and overall well-being of a person. It also adds to the sustainability of our environment by impacting it the least.

Hence, every purchase you make with us is your appreciation towards nature and of course a tip of encouragement to us. We at Pour Naturalé consider it as a promise you make to yourself to nurture your health, your family’s well-being and the health of the environment.

What makes our products unique?

Why Pour Natural

Premium Sourcing

We select only the finest and most natural ingredients, ensuring that each component in our products reflects the epitome of quality.

GMO-Free Assurance

Absolutely no compromise on your well-being. Our commitment is unwavering – none of our products contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Preserving Nature's Legacy

Deforestation is not in our vocabulary. We stand firm against any practices that harm the environment.

Local Excellence

We believe in supporting local communities. By choosing Pour Naturalé, you contribute to the vitality of local economies.