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Binny the Bee. 

Hi, I’m Binny. I’m a bee. I love nectar. I fly around all day collecting delicious nectar. In fact, I collect so much more nectar than I need. I deposit it on this little hive our Queen helped us build, overhanging from this tree. Oh, did I tell you, I live in this hive. This is where we deposit all the nectar we collect. 

We collect so much nectar that our hive quickly overflows. We are harvested, our nectar is collected carefully, never hurting us. This nectar is filtered; wax and pollen eliminated. Some of this nectar goes gets blended with fragrant natural spices. 

Our nectar, fresh and sparkling now, flows into these beautiful bottles with the label ‘Pour Naturale’ Honey. Meanwhile, I continue in my merry ways of hopping flowers to collect more nectar! 

Joe the Jowar

Hi, I’m Joe. I’m this little seed of jowar in this blooming farm. My friends and I grew up together this season, well fed on natural nutrients from the soil and the ever-smiling sun. We are all ripe, happy and mature now.

Our master comes along to harvest us. I am loaded in these large sacks and taken home. I am then placed over dry metal pans. A slow gentle roasting follows. A pinch of salt and a delicious mixture of herbs and spices is sprinkled. 

Slowly, I magically puff up, all my nutrients still within. I am then poured into these colourful pouches that reads ‘Pour Naturalé’ snacks. 

Moo, the Moong

Hi, I’m Moo, the moong. I grew up inside this pod with my siblings. We lived in this cosy pod, lapping up the delicious nutrients from the ground and basking in sunlight. 

Soon as we grow up, I am harvested. I get released from the pods and get to see this beautiful world and make plenty of new friends. I am showered in warm water, then gently pressed and dried. A little slow roasting with a mix of salt and herbs follows. 

I am now ready for you! All my nutrition still intact, I am then poured into these colourful pouches that reads ‘Pour Naturalé’ snacks.