Pour Naturalé? Who's that?

September 21 2021 – Laavin Naturals

Pour Naturalé? Who's that?

Pour Naturalé? Who's that?

‘Pour Naturalé’ is a wellness products brand aimed at promoting healthy living through a set of innovative yet 100% natural and preservative-free products. 

It was founded by 3 young and energetic individuals with varied backgrounds but united by a shared passion for healthy living.

Our motto

In the mountains, the forests & our farms where the animals, trees & bees reside, their produce is more than just products.

They are little baskets of living energy.

Pour Naturalé́ crafts these little baskets with the greatest care to ensure you get them exactly as nature made them.

Poured from nature, Pour Naturalé́ is a gift for you - from nature’s greatest living beings.

To start with, Pour Naturalé introduces pure and natural honey, as we love to say ‘As Pure as Nature Made Them’, in its truest raw form and a host of natural flavours.

For someone starting our journey, here’s wishing us the best. We hope that we continue it for long in this common endeavour of creating a healthy future for our society.

You can see and buy all our products on our online store: https://pournaturale.com/.