How Can Millet Snacks Help You Stay Refreshed All Day Long?

February 24 2022 – Laavin Naturals

Buy Millet Snacks online

Buy Millet Snacks online

To begin with, Millet is a cereal grain of the Poaceae family, which is also known as the grass family.

It is commonly consumed in Africa and Asia's poorest countries. Millet's nutritional profile is similar to that of sorghum and other grains, despite its appearance.

As of today, Millet snacks have grown in popularity because of their gluten-free properties and high protein, fiber, and antioxidant content.

What are the types of Millets?

As mentioned earlier, millet is a tiny, round whole grain that is cultivated in India, Nigeria, and other Asian and African nations. It's an ancient grain that's utilized for human use as well as animal and bird feed.

Drought and insect tolerance are two of their many benefits over other crops.

It may also thrive on less rich soil and hostile settings. These advantages originate from its genetic makeup and physical structure, such as its tiny size and toughness.

Even though all millet types are Poaceae, they differ in color, appearance, and species.

Major and minor millets are the two types of millets, with major millets being the most popular and widely farmed.

Major Millets can vary from Pearl, Foxtail, Proso, and Finger (Ragi)

Minor Millets can be: Kodo, Barnyard, Guinea, Fonio, Browntop, and Adlay

In general, the most extensively grown millet species for human consumption is pearl millet. Nonetheless, all varieties are well-known for their great nutritional content and health advantages.

Nutritional Benefits of Millet

Millet, like other cereals, is a starchy grain, which means it's high in carbohydrates. Notably, it contains a variety of vitamins and minerals.

Millet has a higher concentration of vital amino acids than most other grains. These substances serve as the building blocks for protein.

Pour Naturalé’s best healthy roasted snacks retain most of the millets’ natural goodness. It contains Calcium, which is essential for bone health, blood vessel and muscle contractions, and neuron function.

On buying healthy roasted millet snacks online from Pour Naturalé, you not only get the health benefits of Millet, but you also get to choose your most preferred taste. 

Buy Millet Snacks online

High in Antioxidants

Our Millet snacks consist of a high concentration of phenolic chemicals, including ferulic acid and catechins. These molecules work as antioxidants, shielding your body from the damaging effects of oxidative stress.

Ferulic acid has been linked to faster wound healing, skin protection, and anti-inflammatory activities in animal studies.

Catechins, on the other hand, bind to heavy metals in your system, preventing metal poisoning.

Regulates Blood-Sugar Levels

Pour Naturalé’s Millet snacks are high in fiber and non-starchy polysaccharides, two forms of indigestible carbohydrates that aid in blood sugar regulation.

They also have a low glycemic index (GI), which means it is unlikely to cause a surge in blood sugar levels.

As a result, millets are regarded as an optimal grain for diabetics.

Insulin resistance is a risk factor for developing type 2 diabetes. It happens when our body quits reacting to the hormone insulin, which aids with blood sugar regulation.

Helps Lower Cholesterol Levels

Millets also include soluble fiber, which creates a vicious material in the digestive tract. As a result, lipids are trapped and cholesterol levels are reduced.

In one research of 24 rats, those fed foxtail and proso millet had considerably lower triglyceride levels than the control group.

Furthermore, millet protein may aid with cholesterol reduction.

And to redefine your perspective of Millet snacks with the best taste you can get in the Indian market, Pour Naturalé provides you with their healthy and roasted millet snacks such as Chana Jor, Moong Jor, Bajra Puffs, and Jowar Puffs.


Our Millet snacks are completely gluten-free, making it a feasible option for people suffering from celiac disease or following a gluten-free diet.

Gluten is a protein found in cereals such as wheat, barley, and rye. Gluten must be avoided by those with celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity since it causes unpleasant digestive symptoms such as diarrhea and nutritional malabsorption.

When shopping for millet snacks, check for a label that says it's gluten-free to be sure it hasn't been contaminated with gluten-containing components.


Millet is a high-protein, antioxidant- and nutrient-dense whole grain.

It may provide a variety of health advantages, including lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

And since it's gluten-free, it acts as a good alternative for those with celiac disease or who follow a gluten-free diet.

Its nutty flavor and flexibility make it a must-try.

To experience the supremacy of Millets like never before, buy Millet snacks online from Pour Naturalé.

And on choosing to do so, you get an amazing taste as well as 100% natural ingredients packed in your Millet snacks sachets.

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