Honey, Can You Get Me Some Honey?

September 21 2021 – Laavin Naturals

Honey, Can You Get Me Some Honey?

Honey, Can You Get Me Some Honey?

Honey is among nature’s greatest gifts. The greatness of this product can be seen from its wonderful medicinal properties, also the fact that it is anti-microbial. 

A good jar of honey is one of nature’s very few things that doesn’t spoil forever. When archaeologists discovered the secrets chambers of the pyramids, they found jars of honey buried alongside the graves of the great Egyptian royals.

Honey has been an intrinsic part of Indic culture – the references to various centuries old traditional practices involving honey, also the numerous instances of honey being mentioned in Ayurveda. Many of us have seen various household remedies involving honey, this Indic wisdom passed on generation after generation. As an example, how many of us have seen the grandparents offer a spoonful of honey to fight an irritating throat.

This is the manna from heaven that we present to you. In its truest form as ‘Raw Honey’. We offer honey collected from the wild forests as ‘Forest Honey’. We collect honey from large Tulsi plantations, where bees collect nectar from these plants as ‘Tulsi Honey’. Then we have various Indian spices to add flavour to honey in our vast collection of flavoured honeys.

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The products that we have so carefully chosen for you, we fervently hope you like them.