Diamonds are Forever. So Is Honey!

September 21 2021 – Laavin Naturals

Diamonds are Forever. So Is Honey!

Diamonds are Forever. So Is Honey!

Honey is eternal. Pure honey has been found in the pyramids fresh as ever, although it is over two thousand years old, buried there along with the King and Queen. Pure honey is anti-microbial and lasts forever. Then why do we have an expiry date on our honey?

The answer is quite simple. It’s not an expiry date we have, it’s BEST BEFORE date. Like every natural product, honey tastes best within a few months of its extraction. Thereafter, there will progressive minor changes in its most admired qualities – aroma, freshness, colour and density.

Further, Indian and foreign laws mandate that best before date be displayed on the packaging. We promptly comply.

As our products always signify, we bring to you the purest of pure products, precisely how Nature made it. Enjoy your jar of pure honey while being rest assured that it is pure and healthy.

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