Health Benefits Of Munching On Makhanas As A Best High Fibre Snacks For Healthy Digestion

January 27 2022 – Laavin Naturals

High fibre snacks for healthy digestion

High fibre snacks for healthy digestion

Makhana is a high-value aquatic cash crop that also serves as a popular Indian snack. It thrives in perennially stagnant pools of water.

Makhana has been widely utilized in traditional eastern medicine to treat a variety of ailments, including renal difficulties, persistent diarrhea, excessive leucorrhea, and splenic hypofunction.

Furthermore, because of its high medical value and mineral richness, it is quickly becoming a global superfood.

Makhanas are a high-nutrient source of manganese, potassium, magnesium, thiamine, protein, and phosphorus. Furthermore, both raw and fried Makhana is high in important amino acids.

Slightly roasted makhanas are a wonderful teatime snack and tiffin alternative for children. Makhanas are used to produce foods such as kheer, curries, raita, and cutlets in India.

Makhanas are commonly used in religious rites and as a sacrifice to God. The diversity in consumption and utilization of makhanas is obvious as one travels around the country.

In the northern part of Bihar, for example, the seed is consumed in popped form, but in Manipur, the leaves and stem of the Makhana are cooked and consumed in vegetable curry.

How Did Makhanas come into Prominence?

The state of Bihar is the greatest producer of makhanas in India. Lotus seeds are used to make makhanas. Lotus produces seed pods, each of which contains roughly 20 seeds that mature in 40 days.

After that, the seeds are dried and roasted at high heat. The outer black shell cracks, allowing the white puffs to emerge. These seeds are known as makhanas.

Makhanas were previously vastly underappreciated. Makhana has acquired fresh traction in recent years as people have grown more health-conscious.

People are rediscovering the once-forgotten food for its nutritious advantages. Makhanas of many varieties may also be found at supermarkets.

Because of their high fiber content, they are an excellent snack for a quick energy boost during fasts.

Why is it popular among Indians?

High fibre snacks for healthy digestion

Because of their excellent nutritious content, makhanas/fox nuts have grown increasingly popular in recent years.

Many celebrities have also spoken out about fox nuts and why they eat them. International athletes consume them as a lunchtime or post-workout snack to provide an energy boost.

As a result, the popularity of makhana has skyrocketed.

Makhana is also commonly accessible and makes an excellent snack. It is low in saturated fats, cholesterol, and salt, making it an excellent choice for snacking and keeping a healthy weight.

They are convenient to transport, make an excellent Tiffin alternative, a delightful snack to satisfy desires, and are quite flavorful.

They are also surprisingly simple to make, and a tasty dish can be whipped up in no time.

Is it Vegan-Friendly?

Veganism is becoming more popular not only in the West but also in India. Veganism forbids the consumption of any animal-derived foods such as meat, dairy, fish, eggs, and so forth.

A vegan diet is often referred to as a plant-based diet.

Veganism is a terrific option, however, vegans frequently fall short of their daily dietary requirements. However, they are frequently deficient in vital vitamins, minerals, and proteins in their diet.

In the long term, this can lead to deficiency-based health problems. This is where makhanas may step in and fill the void.

Makhanas are high in phosphorus, protein, calcium, magnesium, fiber, zinc, and other nutrients. They are an excellent choice for a vegan diet. They are also gluten-free, unlike typical components such as barley and wheat. Vegans frequently have to hunt for the appropriate snacking alternative.

Makhana is the best healthy roasted snacks for those unexpected hunger pains. These low-calorie almonds are an excellent choice for guilt-free snacking.

What sort of nutrition can you get by eating Makhanas?

High fibre snacks for healthy digestion

Makhanas are best high fibre snacks for healthy digestion. It also contains potassium, which aids with cholesterol balance and heart health. Fox nuts, despite their tiny size, are a nutritional powerhouse.

Snacking on them may provide you with several health advantages like as clear skin, weight control, improved heart health, hormonal balance, and so on.

• Keeps your Kidneys healthy and active.
• Aids Heart Health.
• Detoxifies your Liver
• Suitable for Diabetic Individuals
• Reinforces Bone Strength
• Helps in reducing body weight
• Maintains a Healthy Digestive System
• Maintains Hormonal Balance in our Body
• Slows down our Ageing process and prevents Inflammation

Learning Outcome

The matter in hand is finding the best Makhanas in the market. And regarding the current situation all across India, you can’t just go out casually on buying a pack of Makhanas from a departmental store.

It was easy before, but now it isn’t, because of the successive lockdowns, curfews, and the rise in the Omicron Virus Nemesis.

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Makhanas are a full-fledged snack. They are high in key nutrients and have several health advantages. These little nuts make an excellent snack and are ideal for satisfying mid-afternoon cravings.

Though Makhanas are delicious, there are some potential negative effects like as allergies, gastrointestinal issues, and so forth. If you have a sensitive stomach, you should exercise caution while drinking too many makhanas.

To lose weight rapidly, do not replace makhanas with your major meals. Weight loss or increase is determined by your general lifestyle.

Consume fox nuts in moderation. Be active and exercise regularly.


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